Steps to Constructing a Home 

We often take our homes for granted and don’t really take note of how much time, energy, and manpower was put into constructing a standard house. And though we may see the obvious things like electrical outlets and plumbing, there is so much more going on with your home that you don’t even see. If you’re someone who is a bit curious in learning the steps to making a house, the following is a brief guide for just that.

Build the Foundation

The first step is ensuring that the foundation of clear of debris and is suitable for a house to be built upon. Normally a crew will bring in a bulldozer to clear away any obstructions including rocks, tree stumps, and even old septic systems that need to be rerouted or entirely replaced.

If your home is going to have a basement, a hole is dug up and a concrete foundation is constructed. Other holes are also dug up for the eventual septic lines.

The Frame is Brought Up

A skeleton of the house constructed from wood is set up. Any doors and windows are also put into place, and then a protective sheathing is applied to the entire frame to help prevent water damage when it rains.

Plumbing and Electrics are Established Usually, the site manager will have the blueprints that dictate which room will have

Usually, the site manager will have the blueprints that dictate which room will have to plumb and which rooms will need electricity. Based on these blueprints, the plumbing and electrical lines are brought through the walls, floor, and ceilings. At this point, bathtubs and toilets are also put into place.

Internal heating and air conditioning is also established at this stage.

Insulation is Brought In

Once a couple of inspections are done to ensure the skeleton of the house along with sewer and electrical lines are properly installed; insulation is placed in the floors and exterior walls. This is extremely important in ensuring a comfortable home during the harsher winter months. There are different types of insulators, and depending on which you choose will provide better or worse insulation.

Finish the Exterior and Hang Up Drywall

Drywall is brought in to give the interior a more cohesive look. On the exterior, things like brick or stone are put into place.

Other Exterior Amenities are Installed 

Next up are the driveways and walkways leading to the house. If your house is to have a patio, then that is also constructed.

Floors and Faucet Fixtures are Completed

At this stage, the floors are completely finished up and smaller things such as water fixtures both indoors and outdoors are put into place and connected with the rest of the plumbing. Bathroom mirrors and outdoor hedging are also finished up.

Anything Else?

At this point, your contractor has everything prepared and is ready to show off the new home to you! Depending on the region you live in, these steps might different in order just a bit, but in the end you will have the same beautiful results.


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