How To Stay Warm When Working Outside In Winter

Who hasn’t wished to work outdoors on a beautiful warm day?  Would you want that same job during the frigid winter months?  My first professional position after college was with the National Park Service.  Unfortunately, I was unprepared for the challenges of working outdoors in cold weather.  Luckily, my savvy winter co-workers made sure that […]

4 Winter Construction Tips

Construction does not stop during the Winter.  Indeed, construction work continues through the snow, sleet, and frigid cold of the Winter months.  Construction teams understand the hazards and challenges involved in working in freezing weather.  They pay attention to the weather forecast and make sure that the work site stays safe.  When developing a comprehensive […]

Steps to Constructing a Home 

We often take our homes for granted and don’t really take note of how much time, energy, and manpower was put into constructing a standard house. And though we may see the obvious things like electrical outlets and plumbing, there is so much more going on with your home that you don’t even see. If […]