4 Winter Construction Tips

Construction does not stop during the Winter.  Indeed, construction work continues through the snow, sleet, and frigid cold of the Winter months.  Construction teams understand the hazards and challenges involved in working in freezing weather.  They pay attention to the weather forecast and make sure that the work site stays safe.  When developing a comprehensive plan for your construction project, there are four construction tips to help make sure that your construction site stays warm as the weather turns cold.


Warm Area


Cold construction workers need a warm space to go to during breaks.  Thoughtful project managers make sure that the comfortable area includes warm drinks, such as hot tea and cocoa.  The key to creating a good warming space is to make sure that it is comfortable and allows the workers to take off their outdoor clothing during their break.  It’s also helpful to schedule more frequent breaks so that the workers are not outdoors for long periods of time.


Thermal Clothing


Cold weather can be deadly.  Project managers can protect their workers from the dangerously cold weather by providing thermally insulated coveralls.  Construction professionals also recommend the use of helmet liners.  Of course, workers should wear appropriate gloves to protect their hands.  Glove liners are a vital component.  Pocket warmers are necessary if the workers cannot use gloves.  One savvy manager I know even hands out brand new scarves to her workers on winter sites.


It is also a good idea to prepare for the fact that construction workers might need to change their clothes on the worksite.  So, set aside a storage area for extra clothes.  A big bag of extra thermal socks is a  nice touch.  Keeping work garments on site minimize lost work time because a worker can change quickly from wet clothes into a set of warm and dry ones.


Skin Creams


Turn your construction site into a mini spa!  Smart managers suggest keeping a selection of skin creams on hand.  As everyone who has spent any time in cold weather knows, skin exposed to the harsh elements becomes dry and cracked.  In addition to cream, lip balms are a principal part of a skincare routine.  Your workers will thank you for caring for their skin.


Food Bar


People need more calories when they spend their day working in cold weather.  Your workers will appreciate you if you keep them well fueled with healthy snacks and drinks in the warm area.  Specialists do not recommend serving caffeinated beverages so regular coffee should stay off the menu.  However, fuel in the form of hot drinks, soups, nuts, cheese, and fruits will help keep your construction crew healthy and happy.  Foods should be high energy to provide the extra fuel needed for a long day in the cold.


Construction projects scheduled during the Winter months do require extra planning to keep everyone safe and comfortable.  However, this extra action is essential to the overall success of your project.  Good luck!


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